Getting hunger is not an extraordinary thing, especially when it is time to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But the worst thing about hunger is when you need to choose what to eat. That is why we keep asking ourselves, “what do I want to eat?”.

Eating is a necessity for the human to live. But not everyone likes to eat the same foods as others do. While some like spicy foods, other’s interests are something to taste different than spicy foods.

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Are you a person who likes to eat sweet, or are you thinking of eating fish or curry for your lunch or dinner?.

No need to worry about this again. After finishing this series of questions, we will give you an idea about what you need to eat right now.

For this quiz, we have designed a series of questions and at the end of the quiz, we will match you a delicious dish for you to eat according to the answers you give to the questions.

When giving the answers to the questions, do not overthink since this is just a fun quiz. The test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. The sole purpose of this quiz is just giving you fun. So do not treat the results too seriously.

If you enjoy the results, you get to the question “what do I want to eat” then share the results with your friends so that they know what do you like to eat. Maybe they will take you to a restaurant and order your desired foods for you. Who knows?


How spicy do you like your food?

Which of these fast-food restaurants do you eat at most often

How hungry are you?

OK, what do you crave?

OK! What's your budget?

What's your favorite vegetable?

How much time do you have?

What is the purpose of food?

What do you drink with your meals?

What is more important to you?

what do I want to eat
You Need to Eat Pizza

You Need to Eat Taco

You Need to Eat Burger

You Need to Eat Fried Chicken

You Need to Eat Hot Dog

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