Suppose you’re an aspiring trainer and plan to go out to explore the open regions of the Pokemon world. In that case, there is a lot of information that pertains to your adventure. There are many different types of Pokemon lurking about in each region, and some Pokemon will only be found within an isolated area, such as a mountain.

This territory’s simple landscape and welcoming colors may fool you into thinking the same. Still, the truth is you need a totally experienced old pokemon team if your goal is to become really good at this game.

It is tough to call yourself an intermediate-level trainer if you can’t answer all the Pokemon questions. Knowledge of these subjects is essential in every trainer’s journey. If you haven’t learned these bits of trivia yet, you will see them after this quiz.

Are your shoes properly laced? Grab your gear belt and tell mom that you’re going on a Pokemon adventure (she’ll like that). Make sure you pack enough supplies, too. You never know how long this expedition will take.

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Pokemon Trivia Questions

Everyone knows Pokemon, and if you’re a newbie, you might want to go back and answer some of these questions. Let’s see how much of a natural you are. If we get through these 20 questions, we might figure out where your level of experience is.

After this quiz, we’ll know if you’re an experienced Pokemon trainer. Can you answer these 20 questions? We can’t wait to see your answers.