Have you ever thought about moving and wonder where you should live? Or have you asked yourself where I should live? Do not worry. This “Where Should I Live Quiz” will give you the answer you are looking for.

You have the freedom to live almost anywhere on earth. But you need to meet the requirements to live such as a good job and enough money to maintain your life.

Average 6 in 10 Americans have moved at least once in their lives for various kinds of reasons, such as looking for economics opportunities, job relocation, searching for better weather, and so on.

Some people say that Home is where the heart is, but finding the best place where your heart says is the problem for most people.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Selecting a Location to Live

When selecting a place to live, you might need to find some elements before thinking of moving to that location.

  • Think about your economy
  • Think about your budget and affordability
  • Taxes – Can you pay the taxes if you move to that location?
  • Employment opportunities
  • Healthcare services of your desired location
  • Real estate value of that location
  • Local statistics and crime rates
  • Climate
  • Education resources
  • Culture
  • Transportation services
  • Foods

Please understand that the above list is not a comprehensive one. Since this is a quiz site, I have prepared a series of questions so that you can give answers and find the best place that you can move to base on your answers.

Do not think about the answers too long since this is just a fun quiz. The results are not based on any scientific study whatsoever. The intention of this quiz is fun only. Therefore don’t take the results too seriously.

However, I think you will find a place to live based on the answers you gave to the Where Should I Live Quiz. If you find your desired location share the results with your friends.

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When it comes to food, what’s more important

where should I live
You Should Live In: Austria

you should live in Austria

You Should Live In: France

You Should Live In: Hawaii

you should live in hawaii

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