What Is Your Harry Potter Blood Status?

Discover your Harry Potter Blood Status with our interactive quiz! Are you a pure-blood, half-blood or muggle-born? Find out now!

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Who is your favorite Hogwarts professor?

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What is your opinion on the role of the Ministry of Magic in the wizarding world?

3 / 12

Who is your favorite Weasley sibling?

4 / 12

Who is your favorite character in the Order of the Phoenix?

5 / 12

Who is your favorite Quidditch team in the wizarding world?

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Who is your favorite Hogwarts student (besides Harry, Ron, and Hermione)?

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What is your opinion on Muggle-borns in the wizarding world?

8 / 12

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

9 / 12

If you could attend any magical event, what would it be?

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Who is your favorite Death Eater (if any)?

11 / 12

What is your opinion on the wizarding world's relationship with Muggles?

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What house do you think you would be sorted into at Hogwarts?

Are you a true Harry Potter fan? Do you fancy yourself as a witch or wizard? Well, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test and find out your Harry Potter blood status. In the wizarding world, blood status is everything. It determines your place in society and affects your opportunities in life. So, buckle up and get ready to find out if you’re a pure-blood, half-blood, or muggle-born.

Take this quiz and see if you have what it takes to be a true wizard. Will you turn out to be a proud member of the noble and ancient House of Black or will you find yourself as a humble Weasley? Perhaps, you’ll discover that you’re a muggle-born like Hermione Granger, destined for greatness despite your humble beginnings. The possibilities are endless, and the excitement is palpable.

So, grab your wand, cast a spell, and let’s see what your Harry Potter blood status is. By taking this personality quiz, you’ll finally be able to determine if you’re a pure-blooded wizard like the Malfoys, a half-blood like Harry himself, or a muggle-born wizard like Hermione Granger.