In some countries, if a boy wants to marry a girl, they need to pay an amount of money or property to their family. That is called as bride price. This is very similar to dowry that is paid by the family of the girl to the groom. Both represent the value of a girl or a boy.

In some countries, they practice both dowry and bride price together. The tradition of giving bride price and dowry can be seen in Asian countries, African countires, and the Middle East. Bridewealth and marriage payment are other names for bride price. As part of a long sequence of exchanges between the two intermarrying families, the bridewealth’s fee is often a matter of social and symbolic, and economic reciprocity. The bride’s price symbolized the girl’s worth to society and gave a material promise that the woman and her children will be treated well.

In some countries, instead of the money, the bride price or dowry is paid with animals. In this case, knowing your value in animals can be fun.

Who pays the bride price?

The groom pays the bride price or bridewealth to the girl’s family as I mentioned earlier that can be money or property.

What Is the Difference Between Dowry and Bride Price?

The groom gives the bride price, and the girl’s family gives the dowry to the groom. Dowries continue to be anticipated and needed in some parts of the world to accept a marriage proposal as a condition, especially in Asian countries.

Is Dowry Still Practiced

The short answer is yes. Especially in Asian countries, still, dowry is practiced. However, the word bride price can’t be heard these days.

However, it is up to you to accept or reject both of these practices. Personally, I don’t like them. However, for just fun, it is better to know your animal value. For that, you can take this goat quiz.