Avatar: The Last Airbender was a Nickelodeon animated series that ran for four seasons from 2005-to 2008. It was followed by a sequel, The Legend of Korra, which also had four seasons from 2012-to 2014.

The show was both commercially and critically successful. It even got nominated for some really prestigious awards, including Annie Award, Genesis Award, Primetime Emmy Award, and Peabody Award, and won several of them.

Four nations represent the four elements: Air Nomads, Earth Nation, The Fire Nation, and The Water Tribes. They each have a specific location on Earth. 

As the name suggests, the Air Nomads’ society was nomadic, and they also maintained a presence at four different temples around the world—Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Air Temples.

People can manipulate one of the four elements, called bending, and the Avatar is the only person who can bend all four elements.

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What Avatar Element Is Your Personality?

Are you wondering which of the four bending nations you’d belong to in the Avatar universe? Are you a Waterbender, an Earthbender, a Firebender, or an Airbender? Take our quiz to find out now!

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