There are more than 10000+ anime shows that exist in the world. So the chances are almost zero to watch all of them during your lifetime. And here is the situation where the problem begins. If there are lots of anime shows, What anime should I watch?

Do not worry. What anime should I watch quiz will give you the answers to your question when selecting an anime to watch.

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What is Anime, and What Makes Anime So Unique?

The word anime comes from the word animation. In Japan, anime is used to refer to all kinds of animations. But outside Japan, anime is used to mention animations from Japan.

Most anime fans mention that anime movies are different than most of the American cartoons. These differences can be seen in many ways, including but not limited to, storytelling, artwork, and even cultural nuances exhibited by the characters.

What Anime Should I Watch?

Everyone likes to do something special to get fun and enjoyment. For those people watching anime movies is an excellent choice.

Anime is animated movies from Japan that try to entertain all the generations in all possible ways. Recently almost all the people around the world love to watch anime movies. But I told you that there are more than 10000+ anime movies that can be seen. So how do you select an anime to watch?

To make a decision more relaxed, I have prepared a series of questions for you. Based on the answers you give to those questions, I will provide you with an anime movie name so that you can watch it.

The test and results are not based on any scientific study whatsoever. Same as all the quizzes you can find on this crackthequiz site, this is also a fun quiz.

Do not take the results too seriously. This won’t be your typical list. If you love the result, you get then share the results with your friends.


You are a

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Pick a food

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Pick a color

Pick a pet

Do you like Long anime or short anime?

Which one of these genres fascinates you?

How do you prefer to watch anime?

Do you enjoy this quiz?

what anime should I watch
You need to watch: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

You need to watch: Death Note

Death Note

You need to watch: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

You need to watch: Naruto


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