Pick Your Favorite Cartoon Character And We’ll Tell Your Favorite Kids Movie


This is for all cartoon fans

Today we have brought you a quiz by putting together some cartoon characters. These characters are lovable, fun and very entertaining.

In this quiz, you will face 10 pairing of your beloved cartoon characters. All you need to do is select your favorite characters among them. Some may be easy to select. But if you are a true cartoon lover, some of them may take a little thinking.

Once you pick your most adorable cartoon characters from here, we will guess what is your all-time favorite animation movie.

So let’s start.


Ariel or Moana?

Even though these 2 movies came out years apart, these two characters have a lot in common. Both these roles had an undeniable pull to the ocean. Also, these both characters were born into roles they were never truly meant to play.Ariel was born as a Mermaid and Moana was born on land.

Hercules or Aladdin?

This is the time to take a closer look at these 2 Disney heroes. No doubt that both of these characters are your beloved characters. Hercules was the son of Gods. But Aladdin was born to nothing. He started as a nobody. But at the end he became the person he wanted to be. So now it is your time to select whether it is Hercules or Aladdin.

Mike or Sully?

You will never forget these two characters. Surely selecting a one among these two characters, will be a tough task for you. These two characters were the best friends in the movie as well as the business partners. No one of them would have become as successful if they had not helped each other. Mike was the brains behind the whole operation while Sully did all the hard work. Both of these are lovable characters. But you have to pick just one.

Baymax or Toothless?

Even though these two characters have started out as a sidekicks to their human counterparts, by the end of the both their movies, they have become the true heroes. You may feel more human like feelings from these two animals while you are watching the movie. Even though it is a tough task to select which one is the best among these two characters, you need to pick just a one as you can't pick both.

Elastigirl or Mr. Incredible?

Here, it is a battle between a husband and a wife. Funny. Isn't it. Both of these two characters born with amazing superpowers. Elastigirl can stretch here body in to any shape what she wants. On the other hand, Mr Incredible is the strongest man in the world. Both of these characters are doing an amazing job in the movie. Who do you prefer? Elastigirl or Mr Incredible?

Elsa or Merida?

Both Elsa and Merida are so beautiful girls in both movies. Also they are so strong. Elsa was one of the main character from the film "Frozen" and the Merida is from the movie "Brave". Both of these characters have their own characteristics. Elsa used her super power to save her entire family and the citizens. Also Merida in the Brave, tried her best and right things to save her entire clan.

Maximus or Pegasus?

These two may look a bit similar, but you will find that they are different. Maximus if from the movie "Tangled" and the Pegasus is the cartoon "Hercules". The task of the Maximus was catching bad guys. Pegasus has to protect the Hercules and keeping him safe.

Sven or Donkey?

Have you seen Donkey has kept his mouth closed? He has never stopped speaking. But the Sven was a voiceless reindeer. His friend Kristoff was always around to translate for him. Most of the time Sven was looking for carrots. But Donkey on the other hand, was always the right-hand man of the Shrek.

Bruce or Crush?

Here we have two underwater creatures from the movie "Finding Nemo". Even though Bruce was a great white shark, his desire to be a vegetarian made him a good guy by nature. Crush saved Merlin and Dory. Also he was a cool father with an awesome attitude. Which one do you prefer?

Doug or Pluto?

Doug was a voiceless dog from the movie "Up". But with the help of a device that has been created by his previous owner, Doug was able to translate his thoughts in to English. Pluto was also a voiceless pup. But he hadn't any machine to translate his thought in to English. He was the beloved pet dog of Mickey Mouse.

Pick Your Favorite Cartoon Character And We'll Tell Your Favorite Kids Movie

Your all time favorite movie is Frozen. It was released in 2013 by Walt Disney Animation Studio.

Your all time favorite movie is Brave. Brave was produced by Pixar animation in 2012.

Your all time favorite movie is Shrek. DreamWorks produced the Shrek. The first Shrek animation movie was released in 2001.

Your all time favorite movie is Zootopia. It is a 2016 3D animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio.
Big Hero 6

Your all time favorite movie Big Hero 6. This was released in 2014 by Walt Disney Animation Studio.

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