My Hero Academia quiz is based on the My Hero Academia series that started in the year 2014. The popular My Hero Academia is also known as the Boku No Hero Academia for some reasons. This manga is also inspired by much famous anime. 

The amusing quiz is made for manga lovers. Several questions are placed in front of you about the MHA characters, episodes, dates, and critical story points from manga and anime. 

Fill the given questions with the correct answers and participate in the quiz instantly. Test your knowledge about the My Hero Academia

This article will talk about the characters’ journey, essential aspects of the game, features, and gameplay. The information will support you in winning the quiz. 

Facts, trivia, and general knowledge are added to this article. Continue reading to become pro in knowing everything about the My Hero Academia. 

Once you have sufficient knowledge about the MHA, you will complete the quiz without needing help.

MHA – What Is It? & How It Played?

My Hero Academia is a manga that also has anime adaption. Both of them are very popular among the followers of the MHA. If we compare the MHA anime with the peer competitors, the rising fame of the MHA gives tough competition to the similar anime in the category. It has become one of the top-tier animes in the world. 

The first MHA anime was released in the year 2016. Since the launch, the MHA has seen rapid growth in the industry. 

The fan of the MHA has spread the word among various groups and social media. People started comparing the MHA anime with one of the best anime of time Dragon Ball and One Piece. 

The action-packed story of the anime makes it more exciting storytelling. It is a journey of the superhuman with magical power. 

The story is addictive from the beginning dwells in your mind once from the first episode itself. As you keep watching, the story becomes more engaging, and you will not be able to resist watching further.

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My Hero Academia is the story of a few people who got superpowers. These superpowers are also known as “Quirks.” Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist in the story who got no superpower. 

He is rated “quirkless,” as 20% of the whole population. The boy goes bullied other children for not having special power known as quirk like others. He used to dream about becoming a superhero one day.

Deku’s idol is another character in the MHA who possesses “One For All” Quirk. It is known as the All might in the anime. His superhuman strength keeps him at the top spot of the game. 

He inspired Izuku Midoriya, and he wanted to be like him. But without having Quirk, he is no one and never gets the chance to become another Deku’s idol. 

This is the turning point of the MHA. Can Izuku Midoriya become what he dreams about? Do you think it is even possible to reach the point where Deku’s idol is now? What will happen next? All these questions make the MHA more interesting to watch. 

The quiz is designed to unravel all the questions that come to mind when you first watch the anime. The quick will help you test your knowledge and become one of the top fans of the MHA by answering all the questions.

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MHA Quiz – How to Play?

The quiz contains specially selected questions about the MHA. Every question is referred to the character, episode, powers, and story. The questions are related to both manga and anime series. 

A fan who has watched each episode with full attention can answer the question quickly. People who are die-hard fans of the MHA will get a perfect score on this quiz.

The quiz is the multiplayer leader board to compare the score with your friends and other participants in the game. 

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The biggest MHA fan will achieve the top spot. Join the quiz and test your knowledge today. Good luck.

Who does All Might, the world's greatest hero, pass his powers to?




What is Katsuki Bakugo’s alias?

Power Loader
Gran Torino



What did the doctor say was responsible for Izuku not getting his quirk?

Two joints on his pinky toe
A hole in his heart
An injury on his leg
A fractured elbow



What effect did the MHA battle with Nomu have on Eraser Head’s abilities?

His Quirk doesn’t work as well as it used to
He could no longer use his Quirk
He could use his Quirk faster
He couldn’t use his Quirk as quickly



My Hero Academia is based on a manga that was started in _____




Which MHA character wins the freshmen stage of the U.A. Sports Festival?

Shoto Todoroki
Izuku Midoriya
Tenya Ida
Katsuki Bakugo



Anime Season 1 consists of how many episodes?




Who gave Aizawa his hero name?

Present Mic



What school does Izuku dream of having powers and attending as a child?

UD High
UA High
UC High
UB High



Which one is not a member of the Hideout Raid Team?

All Might



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