The Valentino brand has been around for decades and is infamous for a family feud that goes back decades.

However, what is the backstory and is there any confusion among consumers over the different brands in various markets? Is Valentino by Mario Valentino a luxury brand?

In this article, I’ll be exploring the history and controversies of Valentino by Mario Valentino.

Read on for information about Valentino by Mario Valentino and the controversy it got involved in with a similarly-named competitor.

Is Mario Valentino A Designer Brand

For anyone with an internet connection, interest in fashion and a little bit of time to spare, getting confused by the name and status of Italian brand Mario Valentino has become an unnecessary distraction.

Unlike some beliefs, the Valentino brand is reputable and respected. Father Vincenzo started the company in Italy in 1952 and later passed it down to his son Mario.

Originally a leather shoe brand, MV continued in the leather goods business until the likes of Lagerfeld and Armani came on board as designers in the 70s and 80s.

Sophisticated advertorials aided this by photographers such as Helmut Newton and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Is Mario Valentino A Luxury

Valentino by Mario Valentino is an Italian fashion company that many people believe creates a knockoff brand attempting to mimic the look of the well-known designer Valentino Garavani.

These believers believe this fashion label has poorly made materials and should not be called a luxury brand.

Valentino by Mario Valentino should not be considered a luxury brand. It is more of a ‘copy brand’: while its products are above average in price, they’re not dramatically high end.

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Mario Valentino Vs Valentino Garavani

There has been a debate about who started the Valentino brand for some time now, but it seems pretty clear that Mario Valentino was the first to use this name.

In the fashion world, Mario Valentino is not considered a luxury brand. It’s a knockoff of the iconic Valentino Garavani collection.

Mario Valentino’s prices are not cheap, but it isn’t considered a luxury brand.

While many people see them as such, it depends on who you ask about what is expensive and what is not.

There are two designers with the same name Valentino, and there is a difference between Mario Valentino’s fashion empire and Valentino Garavani.

Mario’s fashion empire includes luxury bags, shoes & clothing. Valentino Garavani is known for his iconic red dresses and handbags.

Confusion Of Two Valentinos

Mario Valentino founded the eponymous Mario Valentino Company in 1952, and it quickly flourished in and around Naples.

The company took pride in selling quality footwear and other leather goods.

However, in 1960 a new Valentino came to the fashion scene. This one was also related, but a clothing designer rather than a male model, Valentino Garavani, started “Valentino Fashion” in Rome.

As the two brands expanded their offerings and customer base, they gradually became aware of each other.

Things came to a head in 1979 when an agreement was signed between the two labels that enabled them in an increasingly competitive atmosphere.

This agreement lets both brands use the Valentino name while keeping their original image and branding.

Valentino Garavani would become a world-famous designer and brand of Italian fashion, with clothes sold for sky-high prices.

They reigned over their own name brand with ease and became one of the premier designers in the field.

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Valentino by Mario Valentino (as it was legally known) couldn’t compete with their main competitor. They sold cheap products, often seen as copies of Valentino’s products.

2019 was a tough year for the relationship between the Valentino and Mario labels. Mario Valentino allegedly started selling deceptively disguised knockoffs despite having an agreement for decades.

The Court of Milan’s decision laid out evidence that Mario Valentino produced handbags labelled in a way that wasn’t allowed. The court interpreted this as the company trying to confuse consumers deliberately.

Setting The Scale Of Luxury

Valentino Garavani is known for selling expensive, high-quality products, while Mario Valentino has products that are only marginally better than average.

Mario Valentino is one of the most famous designers globally, and it’s not too hard to find his products in stores around the world.

Depending on where you are looking, you can find Valentino products like so for as little as fifty dollars.

One of the most important differences between Mario Valentino and traditional luxury brands is that their products are regularly on sale.

There are many critics of Valentino by Mario Valentino alleges they produce subpar products. One article even claims, “I would say the licensed Mario Valentino bags are close to junk.”

Mario Valentino vs Valentino (Garavani) Confusion

Valentino by Mario Valentino is nowhere near the scale of Valentino (Garavani).

The brand doesn’t have the same high quality or exclusivity, but it does provide convenience and style for a smaller price.

Considering the Valentino by Mario Valentino collection has higher price points, it may surprise that it’s not considered a luxury brand.