GUESS is one of the most recognizable and prominent brands in the American fashion industry. From clothes for men and women to accessories like sunglasses, watches, belts, and more, you have many options.

GUESS is not that old – the brand was founded in the 1980s but, despite this, is it considered a luxury brand?

GUESS is considered a luxury designer brand, but it’s a lot less expensive than other leading brands like Gucci, Prada, or Hermés. It might not boast the enormous price tags that come with some of its competitors, but its products are still far from cheap.

Get to know GUESS, a brand currently at the top of the fashion industry. Find out where they rank among other brands and their prices.

Is GUESS Expensive

GUESS is a luxury brand with moderate prices. Compared to other brands such as Prada and Gucci, GUESS prices are reasonable. You will not find the same outrageous discounts seen at outlets like Forever-21, but this comes with the guarantee of a quality product.

Why Is GUESS A Luxury Brand

Luxury brands have a high-quality level, aesthetic value, and exclusivity. The company determines the traits of luxury brands.

For a brand to be considered luxurious, it has to have a specific set of traits:

1. Cost Of The Items

When establishing a brand as a luxury one, they must offer expensive products. It isn’t just the price which needs to be high, but they should be seen as more costly than most other competitors.

High prices aren’t the only factor in establishing a luxury brand; focusing on quality. In other words, a luxury brand focuses on having expensive and high-quality goods.

GUESS is a luxury brand, but its products aren’t too pricey. If you buy a jacket, pair of jeans, bag, and t-shirt, it won’t cost you more than a couple of dollars. You can check the website if you’re not convinced.

2. Exclusivity Of The Products

Luxury brands are often also exclusive, and this means that the products themselves are scarce, and fewer people will have access to them. For example, Louis Vuitton is among the most valuable brands in the luxury industry with nearly two hundred years of experience, and many people will want to buy it.

Many luxury brands do not discount or offer sale prices, but Louis Vuitton is the most famous. They destroy unsold items to drive up exclusivity and prevent the public from buying their pieces at a lower price.

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GUESS does the opposite of that. They offer sales and don’t destroy their merchandise for exclusivity. Some items are left over, so the brand offers a discount to get rid of these items – this ensures that any excess stock is sold.

If a specific line is in abundance, the brand offers this at a discount to customers to help make them available for anyone who may want them.

3. Aesthetics

Another factor determining whether a product is a luxury is how it looks. It can be subjective, but you’ll be able to distinguish between a luxury brand and one that isn’t.

GUESS is not about experimenting with high-end designs. Instead, they focus on an everyday look, and they prefer to keep their options simple and stick with comfortable and relaxed designs.

So, Why Consider The Brand A Luxury Brand

A lot of what makes a brand luxurious is the price. The high price becomes a defining factor in whether or when someone thinks it’s luxury: they either see a celebrity wearing the product or people of high status. They believe that the higher price tag justifies this beauty. 

Over the past couple of years, there have been many celebrity sightings in GUESS clothing. Not only do these celebrities wear GUESS during their downtime, but also while they are on the red carpet or performing.

While not all GUESS products are of the highest quality, it does sometimes work well with designers to create limited edition products. These offerings are higher quality and more expensive than the standard GUESS products. 

This means that GUESS is a luxurious brand, although it doesn’t match the fashion quality of the best. It often has high prices, and some celebrities wear it, and it also sometimes offers limited-edition designer items to its clients.

Gucci or GUESS: Which Brand Costs More

Gucci is a much higher-end brand than GUESS, which is evident in the price differences. Gucci’s average price is $1,700 a piece, whereas most of the time, GUESS’ average price ranges between $100-and $200. The brands also make differing amounts of revenue per year. Especially Gucci makes several billion dollars more than GUESS in revenue per year.

Is GUESS A Popular Brand

Yes, absolutely! GUESS is still a super popular global lifestyle brand that sells various products in over 80 different countries. Despite the controversy, they’ve generated over the years and recently, their presence in Europe and the United States is still strong.

Despite being a trendy brand, it is hard these days for brands to stay relevant. However, GUESS managed to remain relevant by sticking to its roots and continuing to craft coveted items for its customers. They’ve done so with iconic denim dresses and embroidered jackets.

Is GUESS High Quality

GUESS isn’t a fashion brand known for haute couture, but they still produce top-quality products. However, their luxury collection offers a varied range of costly clothes. The rest of their products are available at a price that’s not much different than any other run-of-the-mill fashion company.

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They don’t use sales tactics like dramatic price drops or massive cookie-cutter email campaigns. I don’t know what else you could expect from a high-end designer.

Is GUESS A Good Brand For Women

GUESS is an iconic female fashion brand that offers a wide range of handbags, lingerie, and clothing. Women who wear their clothes can enjoy the special GUESS style, including 90s-inspired designs and leather or wool coats. 

GUESS women’s clothing is still as appealing to many girls today as it was during the 90s. This brand offers the opportunity to feel seductive, sensual, and mysterious in their clothing. There is a sense of mystique attached to everything they offer: from intimates to shoes. 

Is GUESS A Good Brand For Guys

Their Southern Californian vibe with classic denim and leather pieces is yummy! Their stylish yet practical jackets can be matched with anything to create a stand-out outfit. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy GUESS Products

If you don’t know about this brand, you may live under a rock. It does cutting-edge fashion better than anyone else, so it’s perfect for your needs unless that’s what you’re looking for.

Here are some reasons why you should buy GUESS products.

1. Their Clothing Is Cutting Edge Fashion

GUESS offers a wide variety of styles for men and women. They have both functional and fashionable pieces for every occasion. You’ll never find anything that resembles something from last season when you shop here. 

You will always look great in their clothes regardless of your body type as they make sure that their clothes are designed for everyone.

2. GUESS Is A Global Brand

GUESS is a craze worldwide, with stores that span practically every continent. You can probably find a GUESS store in South Africa, New Zealand, or even Canada to Malta.

3. GUESS Has A Wide Range Of Apparel And Accessories For Men And Women

GUESS offers clothes for everyone! They have sizes and styles to suit all genders, ages, and budgets, so there’s undoubtedly a product for you. The prices are great as well – GUESS is very affordable!

4. Brand Recognition

GUESS products are sold globally in over 1,400 retail outlets. They are also available from major department stores such as Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor’s, and Bloomingdales. GUESS is a worldwide brand synonymous with fashion. 

5. Good Quality Products

GUESS products are made from high-quality materials, and their jeans have held up well through the washes and we have even noticed no shrinkage or loss of color. 

Jeans don’t bind or pinch anywhere on the body even after being worn for hours on end. You can put in your laces and not worry about them coming undone for a long day.

Finally, Is GUESS A Luxury Brand

GUESS is a famous luxury fashion brand. They are not as prestigious as some top-tier fashion brands, but they still command high prices and celebrities love them. Occasionally they will release luxury products that are exclusively designed for GUESS customers.