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People in the U.S. like drinking. More than 86 percent of individuals aged 18 and older say they had alcohol at some stage in their lifetime. over 70 percent had an alcoholic drink last year, and over the previous month, 56 percent had drunk.

Alcohol enters your bloodstream as you drink and impacts the functions of your brain and body. As a result, your body and brain functions slow down significantly when you drink a lot.

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You want to make safe decisions when you go out drinking so that the fun doesn’t stop. Generally, it’s difficult to say sometimes if you’re drunk or not, particularly if you’re feeling tired or having a perfect time.

By checking for common signs or doing a field sobriety test, you can tell if you’re drunk. 

If you believe you have taken too many drinks, do not attempt to drive, because it will put you at danger. Take a taxi instead, or ask a friend to take a ride.

Definitely drinking alcohol can make you drunk. See if you have the following symptoms.

  • Slow and/or bad judgment
  • Problems with vision
  • Drowsiness
  • lack of coordination
  • loss of stability
  • Slow respiration and heart rate

The more alcohol you drink, the effect to the body from alcohol will be stronger.

Drinking too much alcohol is risky. It may result in seizures, dehydration, injury, vomiting, coma, and even death.

How Many Beers to Get Drunk

How many beers and how many shots does it take to get drunk relies on the size of your beer you take. Whether it’s a pint, a cartoon, or a tube. After all, all of these have distinct measurements, and your drunk levels will be directly proportional to your beer inflow.

Why Does Alcohol Make You Drunk

Alcohol is mood-changing drug. It directly affects the nerves. Then the nerves pass messages all over the body by slowing down them. The more you drink, the more significant the effect. Also, alcohol affects the parts of the brain that are responsible for self-control.

Don’t know your boundaries? Having a wild drinking night can seem like a lot of fun, but the only risk involved is a pounding headache in the tomorrow morning.

Also, do not forget to eat enough foods even if you are drunk

This is a quiz to see whether or not you have taken too much alcohol. So you could be drunk, or you might not be, take the quiz to find out if you want to know how drunk am I!


Can you walk in a straight line?

Can you walk in a straight line

How well can you touch your finger to your nose?

How well can you touch your finger to your nose

There's an emergency - who are you going to call?

There an emergency - who are you going to call

What is 10 x 10?

What is 10 x 10

How much have you drunk?

How much have you drunk

Do you feel you could take on the world?

Do you feel you could take on the world

Have you understood the quiz so far?

Have you understood the quiz so far

What do you remember from the night before?

What do you remember from the night before

It's 2 am, do you think this is a reasonable time to make phone calls?

How well can you see?

How well can you see

how drunk am I
Your drunk score is 75%~100%


You drunk score is 50%~75%

Your drunk score is 25%~50

25% drunk

Your drunk score is 1%~25%


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