Despite trends changing over the years, some mythical creatures have endured, like unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. They come and go depending on what you’re into at the time, but they’re always a favorite no matter what they manifest as! However, dragons have been around for a long time because of the many different mythical beings.

There has always been an interest in dragons. Even though they are believed to have originated so far back in time, no one is 100% certain when they were first conceptualized.

Dragons are still a big part of today’s culture. Just look at movies like “How To Train Your Dragon,” games like “The Legend Of Spyro,” and even tabletop games like “Dungeon & Dragons” – they all feature dragons prominently. You can see how this makes dragon-related products into some of the most popular items out there!

Dragons come in various shapes and sizes, the most common form resembling a large lizard with reptilian traits and wings. Some Chinese dragons have snake-like bodies with four legs, looking somewhat like a ferret.

Some dragons breathe fire, some breathe lightning, some inhabit the ocean depths – the variety of dragons depends on their culture. Some dragons guard treasure in caves, while others reside in ocean depths.

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