The world of high-end luxury is, unfortunately, not accessible to everyone. So, does Cartier offer financing?

You can’t purchase Cartier products on payment plans, for those wondering. You may be eligible for a payment plan if you buy from one of the company’s authorized resellers like Little Switzerland and Tourneau. So technically, you can get a Cartier product through a financing plan.

Have you ever wondered why Cartier products are so expensive?

Are they worth the price? Which ones should you pay close attention to?

This article will take you through everything to learn about Cartier as a company, how to purchase their products, and why they’re so special.

What is Cartier

Cartier is a luxury company founded back in 1847. Cartier’s first location was in Paris, and they began as a jeweler and watchmaker.

The business took off for Cartier during the early 20th Century, but even at that time, they were still considered one of the most prestigious and expensive brands in Europe. 

Cartier was given this opportunity by owning a shop by a master craftsman, and soon he expanded it into his own company.

He then passed it down to his children so that they could grow and thrive with Cartier instead of working for someone else. 

Alfred Cartier took over the company in 1874. He was followed by his sons a few years later, and they were the ones to make it into a significant worldwide brand.

Along with his brothers Pierre and Jacques, Louis Cartier turned Cartier from a relatively unknown company into an innovative, renowned watchmaker.

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They designed many intricate clocks and industry-disrupting watches that would change the face of timekeeping and watch-making.

After a successful work relationship with various monarchies, Cartier became the “jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers.”

It wasn’t long before they designed bespoke tiaras, watches, and other jewelry items.

There were some changes in management during the mid-20th Century, but they never slowed Cartier down.

Today, many of Cartier’s most popular products are remnants of the original items created by its founders.

Cartier is an iconic luxury brand that offers high-quality and high-value watches, jewelry, and other accessories. However, the prices can be pretty high because of this premium service.

To be honest, picking up the Cartier product through financing is not something to be taken lightly.

Does Cartier Offer to Finance

Cartier doesn’t provide any financing plans, nor does it use a third party to offer this. They are not offering any payment plans currently, both in-store or online.

However, it’s important to note that many third-party Cartier retailers offer to finance the watches.

In Switzerland, for example, you can use Watchdreamer; they are a Cartier reseller and provide a diverse range of manufacturers and financing opportunities.

Just Google the jewelers that resell Cartier’s products, and you will find out which of them offer to finance.

This arrangement isn’t limited to just watches – rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more are available too. 

It’s also possible to use a third-party payment platform. is an example that can help people manage payments for expensive items, giving consumers the ability to pay over four months. 

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While it’s out of budget for some people, you can afford an expensive Cartier product with this service, some of which can cost as much as a quarter of a million dollars.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any company willing to provide finance on a quarter of a million-dollar watch.

It might be best to start with something more affordable in the Cartier range, such as their ring offering.

Luxury is all about quality, not price, and they reach the upper echelons of luxury.