Maserati partnered with Ferrari in 1993, which happened to outshine the historic rivalry going on for decades.

They even supplied Ferrari engines to Maserati cars, but there’s another question – do all Maserati cars have a Ferrari engine?

Every Maserati made since 2002 has had a Ferrari engine. The share of Maserati cars being made with Ferrari engines is unprecedented.

They changed hands in 1998, and Now Maserati is part of Fiat Chrysler. they have made it clear that they will continue to use Ferrari’s engines in their vehicles.

Read on to learn about how this colossal partnership between two of the top car brands in Italy has evolved over the years. You’ll also get an idea of what they plan to do in the future.

Ferrari vs Maserati

Maserati has been around for over 100 years and has seen many changes in the automotive industry. Maserati was founded in Bologna in 1914 and released its first car in 1926.

They started as a racing company before moving into full-time production cars. The first Maserati road car, the A6, took 3 decades to be born, but it did make its way onto the market. 

Maserati made history when the company became famous for dominating the sports racing industry and gained a considerable following.

They are widely known for their top-of-the-range cars and have remained popular since 1951 by competing with Ferrari.

Modena is well-known for being home to the Ferrari factory, where the rivalry between Ferrari and Maserati began.

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In 1978, Enzo Ferrari refused to let an Italian president visit the Ferrari factory because he drove a Maserati. 

Partnership Between Two Companies

In the early 1990s, Ferrari’s owners, Fiat, acquired Maserati.

While integrating their two brands and updating their production process, Maserati stopped making cars, but production remained in their traditional Ciro Minotti.

Maserati and Ferrari came together over a rivalry, but in 1998 they had to find something else to focus on – so they created the 3200 GT – their first ever car with a Ferrari engine.

In 2001, Maserati had a partnership with Ferrari and released the new model Gran Turismo Spyder as a result.

During that time, Maserati was supplied with two V8 engines from Ferrari.

Do All Maseratis Have A Ferrari Engine

Maserati and Ferrari used to be fierce rivals. However, when the companies merged, they started to innovate and found success working together. 

All Maserati cars made since 1993 have a Ferrari engine. Maseratis include some of the most iconic cars in history, like the 1963 Maserati Ghibli, also known as the ‘spyder’.

Ferrari has already announced they’re not renewing their contract with Maserati at the end of this year so that the future will see different engine configurations for your favourite Maserati.

Which Maserati Models Have Ferrari Engines

MC12 is the car designed in 2004 by Giorgio Giugliani and Frank Stevenson. It had a Ferrari-designed engine and was developed to signal Maserati’s return to racing after 37 years.

The MC12 model is built on the chassis of the Enzo Ferrari and uses an Enzo-derived 4 cylinder engine, but it is more extensive and cannot reach the same speeds.

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Maserati and Ferrari have a long history of collaborating, and the Maserati Gransport is evidence of this. Giorgio Giuliani designed the Gransport with an engine from Ferrari.

Even the legendary Maserati Spyder has a Ferrari engine, the same as the infamous Ferrari-Maserati engine. The F136 is a family of V8 engines jointly developed by both brands and produced by Ferrari.

Every Maserati made since 2001 includes one of these engines. However, a small number of models, such as the Maserati Quattroporte in 2013, have a twin-turbocharged F154 engine.

Why Is Ferrari Dropping Maserati

Ferrari’s move to end its partnership with Maserati was because Maserati was damaging Ferrari’s profit on engine exports.

If this weren’t the case, one less likely outside reason could tie into Maserati’s plans for electric engines.

It’s unfortunate to hear that the Ferrari engine will no longer be featured in the Maserati, but they’ve gone in a new direction, and it’ll be exciting to see what they create next.

Future Of The Partnership

Ferrari’s contract ends in 2022, and it won’t be supplying Maserati with engines. Maserati’s automaker is moving to a twin-turbo V6 engine by going with a start-up instead of collaborating with the historical Italian brand.

Maserati is considering a greener future for cars and moving towards hybrid and electric-powered vehicles.

What’s more, Ferrari uses this opportunity to improve the production of its existing models.

Maserati doesn’t feel like it will have to abandon cars that entirely run on a combustion engine. However, it might go to the parent company Fiat-Chrysler for supplies.