Choose What You Love And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Disney Movie


After releasing the first film of Walt Disney in the 1930s, their movies have long been a force at the box office thanks to some incredible works of the company.

Over time, they have continued to release new movies with new characters and also have brought old classic characters into modern movies.

This is 2019. Disney has a number of new films that are set to release in this year.

A taste of a person can vary from person to person. Also it can say a lot about their personality and it will reveal the type of Disney movies that they would enjoy.

So let us guess the favorite Disney movie of the people by playing this simple quiz.


Darker Movies or Comedies?

These two types of movie genres are completely different kind of movie types from one another. Both of them are making millions of dollars at the box office.

Motorcycles or Cars?

Millions of people around the world use cars and motorcycles to get from one place to another. They both have pros and cons. What is your choice?

Seafood or Pasta?

This one could be the hardest one to select from these two. Both are delicious. No doubt about it. But you have to select just one as you can't select both. What will it be?

London or Paris?

In this quiz, you will have two great cities to choose from. Definitely, these two cities are the most visited in the entire world. Every person who lives on this earth should visit London and Paris at least once in their lifetime. Where will you go?

Video Games Or Books?

These two hobbies provide hours of fun for a lot of people. Some people rarely like video games while others love video games more than anything. Reading books is the same. Are you a video gamer or a book reader?

Life Of Luxury or The Simple Life?

Different people have different interests in living life. Some prefer a simple life while others prefer a luxury life. What do you prefer?

Beach or City?

This is a question about the place you most like. A beach is a very calm and relax place. But a city is a completely different place compared to a beach. It is a so noisy place. But some people love it. What kind of place do you like?

Reading or Writing?

Some people love to read while some others love to craft and shape their own stories. Some people simply love both. But here you need to choose only one thing. Is it reading or writing?

Planes or Trains?

These two types of transportation methods are used by tons of people around the world in their regular lives. Planes can take the people to any place around the world at a greater speed. Trains are much slower compared to planes, but they are great between cities. Select one from these two.

Family Dinner or Private Dinner?

Eating dinner with people can be fun and great. But once the number of people exceeds the limit, the dinner party can turn into more of a chore for some people. Family dinner is different than that. It has a limited number of people. On the other side, private dinners can be very simple and smaller. So, select an option you most like.

Choose What You Love And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Disney Movie
Your Favorite Disney Movie is: Wreck It Ralph

Your Favorite Disney Movie is: Tangled

Your Favorite Disney Movie is: The Princess and The Frog

Your Favorite Disney Movie is: Peter Pan

Your Favorite Disney Movie is: Moana

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