Selecting dresses to wear for various kinds of weather conditions is crucial. Especially when the weather conditions are constantly changing, it is essential to know what types of clothes you need to wear. It is not a surprising thing to hear if someone asks Can I wear shorts today since wearing shorts will give you more freedom, kinds of feelings than wearing other types of dresses.

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But before wearing shorts you need to know about the weather conditions around you, the occasion you are going to go, and is wearing shorts suitable for your appearance.

Usually, when the temperature is high, you can wear shorts. But when the weather conditions are so cold then wearing shorts may cause trouble for you.

Also, you need to think about the occasion you are going to go. That might be a place where wearing shorts don’t fit. Even think about your appearance before thinking about wearing shorts. Especially if you have long legs then wearing shorts might bring some ugly looking to you. If that is the case then wearing trousers might be suitable for you.

Wearing shorts might be suitable for some occasions, such as car club events or outdoor events.

However, if you have any doubts in your mind about whether to wear shorts or not, take the below quiz and give the answers to the questions to find out that you can or should you wear shorts today.

But don’t take the results seriously since this is just a fun quiz. If you get your desired outcome, then share your results with your friends.


What is the weather today?

What season it is?

You describe your style as

Do you like this quiz

Are your legs short or long?

Do you like wearing fit dresses

Do you have to go to work today?

Are you going to work out today?

Are you going to do something that you want to wear shoes for?

Can I wear Shorts today?
Yes, You Can Wear Shorts Today

you can wear shorts today

No, You Can't Wear Shorts Today

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