The Lamborghini is one of the world’s most iconic supercars, and everyone has dreamed about driving it.

The design wraps around you to feel royalty like you are literally in this epic car. Are Lamborghinis manual or automatic?

There has been a shift in driving methods since the introduction of automatic transmissions on super-cars. Cars with manual transmissions were trendy in the past. But today, Lamborghini, and many other types of super-cars, only have automatic transmission models to offer. Many companies no longer release cars with manual transmission.

There are many reasons why Lamborghinis are automatic: they can be pretty affordable and have decent performance, both good reasons to purchase them.

Lamborghini is known for their incredible speed and power, so when they choose not to release a manual variant of the car, they want to ensure the performance is still retained.

In recent times, a growing trend is pushing towards no-manual transmissions in performance cars.

With manual transmission considered the enthusiasts choice, it’sit’s interesting to know why Lamborghini chose not to produce them.

Why Has Lamborghini Swapped Manual For Automatic Transmission

With the retirement of the Gallardo, Lamborghinis will only be available in automatic models and it’sit’s because people don’t want to drive or buy a manual car anymore.

Today, automatics are becoming more & more common, and manual transmissions are becoming a rare sight.

One reason is that the demand for manual Lamborghinis has plummeted, only providing an incentive for the company to pull out the old array of transmissions.

Another reason is that it would cost too much for them to produce.

Stephan Winkelmann of Lamborghini says that the company had considered reintroducing a manual transmission option for the Huracán and Aventador models.

Still, it would be too expensive to consider for production.

Reasons For Dropping The Manual Transmission

Automatic Transmission And Drive Technology Is Vastly Improved

Automatic transmissions & paddle-shift transmissions have improved over time, so they are now more efficient than the manual transmission.

Even supercar companies like Ferrari have caught up with them.

Combined with a faster car and a better engine, you can get the satisfying experience of driving without using your gears and doing all the work yourself.

These supercars now have more advanced control systems and features that would be impossible to use on their own without computer-controlled automatic transmission.

For instance, when the Lamborghini Huracan was released, it offered three different driving settings: Strada, Sport, & Corsa.

With these modes, the car can automatically adjust to various aspects of the vehicle while you’re moving and even during specific situations.

This makes the driving experience feel more realistic and, therefore, smoother.

Most car transmissions require some automatic operation, which often goes along with specialized sensors and mechanics to achieve optimal balance.

A computer-controlled automatic transmission will allow the system to be more efficient, as it regulates the operation of every component.

When you combine these carefully designed components, a vehicle will reliably operate without trouble.

Electrification Is The Wave Of The Future

Not only are there more & more cars getting automatic transmissions, but new technology like DSG shortens the performance gap between manual and automatic.

There is also an increasing tendency for vehicles to become more electrified.

Electric cars, electric vehicles, and even hybrid cars use automatic transmissions that don’tdon’t need different gear ratios.

Supercar makers will be one of the first industries to embrace electricity in the future.

This is due to the increasing popularity of electric cars and the desire for a quieter ride. Even Porsche tried their hand at this with their Taycan & promising future models!

Many car companies have recently announced plans to convert to electric, and it’sit’s not hard to see why.

Lamborghini is no exception. In the latest announcement, in May 2021, they stated their plans for an electric car to be released before 2030. 

They’reThey’re not just doing this out of nowhere-they plan to enhance their fleet of vehicles over the next ten years, beginning with hybrids and then moving to fully electric cars by 2030.

No One Wants The Manual Transmission 

Journalists and car enthusiasts alike were surprised to receive a candid response from Lamborghini when they visited the company’s HQ in 2014 about the lack of manual transmission options for the new Huracan models.

Less than 5% of orders were ordered with a stick shift when the Gallardo was released.

When you break it down, that’s not too bad. However, when just 5% of customers are buying, it becomes a wrong economic decision for the company.

When a low-demand product is too expensive, it makes more sense to stop making them. That’sThat’s what Lamborghini has done with manual transmission cars.

Are Lamborghinis Available Only As Automatic

Until 2013, Lamborghinis were sold with a manual transmission as standard.

The last model available with this transmission is the Gallardo LP560-2.

So while you can’tcan’t purchase a brand new model with a manual transmission, there’s been previous models made with manual transmission.

Can You Shift Gears Manually If You Want To

You can access the semi-automatic gearbox of Lamborghini on many models if you want to shift gears manually.

The Lamborghini Urus comes with paddle shifters that allow you to change gears without taking your hands off the wheel.

The Urus’ automatic gearbox is superior to a manual one because it does not wear out as quickly and offers eight speeds, something most manual gearboxes lack.

What Kind Of Automatic Transmission Does Lamborghini Use

Automobile manufacturer Lamborghini has used two automatic transmission systems in the past.

Models like the Aventador and Urus commonly utilize their traditional “manual-auto” hybrid.

According to Lamborghini Palm Beach – it offers shift speeds similar to those seen in a DCT Transmission.

One of the advantages to the Huracán’sHuracán’s DCT (dual-clutch transmission) transmission is that it can shift very quickly. This benefit is evident in high-speed driving situations. 

What Does The Future Hold For Lamborghini

With so many modern cars switching to hybrid and electric, it might be natural to wonder if Lamborghini plans to make the same switch.

Here is what MotorTrend, Maurizio Reggiani said:

The next generation of Lamborghini, the successor to the Aventador, will be V-12 naturally aspirated. We can add a hybrid or plug-in to respect all the rules of fuel consumption and emissions.

It is not hard to imagine that one-day things will change such that Lamborghini may swap its current engine systems for an all-electric design.

For all anyone knows, manual transmissions could be a thing of the past.


Is A Lambo Stick Shift

With their new fully automated transmission, Lamborghini will no longer be making manual transmissions for any of their cars. 

It has been confirmed that the Aventador will go into production already having Lamborghini’sLamborghini’s 7-speed transmission.

What’sWhat’s more R&D director Maurizio Reggiani was also quoted as saying that the upcoming Gallardo will also feature an automatic transmission.

Can You Buy A Lamborghini With A Manual Transmission

The 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo is an excellent option for manually shifting cars.

Unfortunately, it was the last one to have this feature. 5.0-liter V10 engine power this car built for people who want to drive fast.