Am I Bisexual, Straight or a Lesbian? Alright. This entertainment quiz is for girls only.

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Trying to understand and then accept your sexuality is not easy.

Many people do not know who they are. Generally, this is true with the younger generation.

Sometimes they ask themselves this question. This is why we prepared this “Am I Bisexual Quiz“.

Until now, homosexuality was considered very taboo.  In the past, those who were interested and engaged in intimate relationships with same-sex members were forced to live secret lives.

Homosexuals and Bisexuals

Homosexuals and Bisexuals have been persecuted relentlessly, and many have seen their lives, and careers wholly destroyed when others revealed their secrets.

As a result, homosexuality is considered dirty, sinful, and immoral. People treated homosexuals as subhumans.

Unfortunately, these attitudes persist today in many parts of the world and are likely to continue in the future.

Fortunately, homosexuality has become much more acceptable because the population has become more enlightened and educated about this problem.

In general, homosexuality does not carry the same ugly stigma as many years ago. Times are changing.

According to Sigmund Freud, we are all naturally bisexual.

A Research by Cornell University

And only this year, researchers at Cornell University tested that thought.

After letting some male and female watch a series of adult videos, researchers measured the dilation of their pupils, a sign of sexual arousal.

The researchers found that women’s pupils dilated by watching men with women or women with women.

For a long time, we believed to a certain extent that women’s sexuality was more fluid.

Freud had some crazy ideas, but maybe this was not one of them.

Perhaps we are all bisexual to some degree. Some people know who they are and their sexually, without asking questions.

Don’t worry, and we will not judge you here. And we want to help you feel more confident and safe in all its aspects.

Just because you might be attracted to members of the same sex does not always mean you are a lesbian.

Because there is a grey area where people can attract both genders.

Like others, bisexual has a unique ability to attract and love anyone. It will never be a bad thing. It all depends on your perspective.

Unfortunately, there will always be haters – people who will judge anything and anyone outside their narrow, usually the mainstream view.

Fortunately, over time, more and more people bravely and boldly affirm their right to love what they want – the same sex, the opposite sex, or in some cases, none.

It was put forward by Alfred Kinsey that all our sexuality is on a scale.

One side of it is straight. And On the other is gay or lesbian.  And in the middle is bisexual. But how can you know how close to the center you are?

How Do I Know Am I a Bisexual or Not?

If you’re wondering “Am I bisexual?” but are not sure, check out this Am I bisexual quiz

You are the only one who can assure you of how you identify (and that can change over time, for some people).

Straightforward answers to this quiz can help you solve problems.

Do you have secret same-sex fantasies?



Have you ever kissed another girl?
kissing girl
I don't. But I wish



Have you ever dated a girl?
dating a girl
Yes, Only once
Yes, Few times



If an attractive girl were to ask you out, what would you say?
attractive girl
Are you MAD?
I'm in
Let me think about it



Have you ever checked someone else out in a changing room?
changing room
Yes. I tend to do so
No. No need to do that



Have you ever kissed a guy?
guy kiss
No, I don't feel to do so
No. But I wish



If an attractive guy were to ask you out, what would you say?
attractive man
I don't feel anything special
It is really amazing
I will say NO



How do you feel about same-sex relationships?
same sex relationships
What a bad thing it is
It is Okay
I really like it



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Am I Bisexual, Straight Or A Lesbian?



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